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Meredith Smith
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9-12 Science
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My name is Meredith Smith and I grew up in Madison. I have lived in many different places because of my time and my husband's time spent in the US Army. In 2003 we moved back to Wisconsin and landed in Belleville.

I have been teaching here in Belleville since 2003 and am currently teaching General Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics, AP Physics I, and Physical Science. During my tenure here I have also taught Biology and Environmental Science.  

I have been a member of numerous committees here in Belleville including scheduling, climate, and PBIS committees. I choose to spend time on these committees because I truly believe they help the overall learning experiences for the students in our schools.

I received my BS from Kansas State University and in 2011 I received my MS in Physics Education from University of Wisconsin-River Falls. I am currently in the process of receiving my National Board Teacher Certification. 

Just like many of my students I didn’t like science when I was their age.  I avoided it like it was “The Plague”.  When I needed to take science classes in college for a pre-vet program I decided that I really enjoyed chemistry.  I hope that if you think you don’t like something you will at least keep an open mind and realize that you might like it if you allow yourself to.  I don’t like hearing, “I’m bad at this.” or “I can’t do this.”  Everyone can do anything if they try.  Everyone is good at something.  If we all were good at the same thing our world would be a very different place.  It takes all of our different talents to make our “world” work.  

Find what you enjoy, what you are good at, and do wonderful things! 

~Mrs. Smith


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