Facilities Use

Click on the Wildcat to visit the Athletics/Activities calendar.
Follow these steps to reserve school district facilities:


1.  Become a district facilities requester. (One time only)

  • Visit the Facilities Request site and click "Become a Requester."  
  • Complete the information and click "Submit Registration Form."

2.  Receive a username and password.

  • You will receive a confirmation email that provides a username and password for the facilities request site..
  • You cannot move on to the next step until you receive this email.
  • Once you become a Facilities Requester, you may move on to step three for any and all future requests.

3.  Request a Facility.

  • Visit the Facilities Request site and "Login" using your assigned username and password.
  • Check availability on the calendar.
  • Submit your request.

4.  Receive approval or denial of request.

  • You will receive a confirmation email that approves or denies your facilities request.
  • To check on the status of yor request, login to your Facilities Requester account and click on the "request history tab."
  • When your request has been approved an electronic contract will be included in the approval email.

5.  Sign and submit electronic contract.

  • Sign the electronic contract with your electronic signature.
  • Submit the electronic contract.
  • Please note: Your event is not finalized until the district receives your signed contract.


Please contact Athletics/Activities Director, Wayne Fell with any facilities questions.

Facility Use Policies

Listed below are the regulations governing facility use.

Staff Use of School Facilities

Use of School Facilities

Fee Schedule for Use of School Facilities




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