Our 4K Program

About The Program


Since 1979 the School District of Belleville has had a Pre-School or Pre-K program with the current 4K program starting in 2013. The Belleville 4K program uses the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards to guide planning of appropriate expectations, opportunites and assessment. Our students will begin the year learning about themselves, making friends, and getting to know their classroom and school.

Our 4K progam is located in the Belleville Elementary School at 237 W. Pearl St. Classes are held four days a week, Tuesday-Friday. The morning session will run 08:00-10:57 and the afternoon session will be 12:15-3:13.

Additional informaiton is provided in our 4K Handbook.

Why 4K?

The School District of Belleville has a well-established 4K progam that includes our professional teaching and support staff. The 4K program is a play-based experience that highlights learning through exploration with an emphasis on social and emotional development. Wisconsin Department of Pulic Instruction (DPI) website here  provides additional information regarding the 4K curriculum and outlines the importance of starting your child's early education.


Frequently Asked Questions About 4K

  • What days does 4K have class?  Tuesdays – Fridays.  We do not have class on Mondays.
  • What are the times that 4K hold their classes?  The AM class meets from 8:05 – 11:00 am and the PM class meets from 12:15 – 3:05 pm.
  • When does 4K classes begin? The first day of 4K is Friday, September 2, 2016.  (All other classes K-12th begin on Thursday, September 1st.)
  • Is there any cost associated to 4K?  No. 4K is free and part of the Belleville School District. We do ask that all parents supply a snack approximately 1x a month and there is a supplies list for this class as well.  More information about this will be shared when school begins. 
  • Is lunch served during 4K classes?  No. Lunch is not served to 4K students although we do offer a snack during both the AM and the PM classes. Milk is provided at each snack with no charge to the student.
  • Is transportation provided for this program?  Yes. Transportation is provided to and from any location that is located within the school district.
  • What would my child need to bring to participate in 4K?  There is a school supplies list posted on the Belleville School District website listing school supplies requested to participate in 4K. 

***Please feel free to email our 4K teachers, Marsha Rear or Kelsey Schmit, with any further questions.  Thank You!

Marsha Rear – rearm@belleville.k12.wi.us

Kelsey Schmit – schmitk@belleville.k12.wi.us

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