Referendum 2016

68% said Yes!

The School District of Belleville and Board of Education would like to thank our residents for their consideration of the solution available to voters on Nov 8.

We are pleased that the board was able to find a solution that meets the needs of the district, but also appreciated having an open dialogue with individual community members and hearing a variety of different views on how to address the opportunities and challenges that we face together.

The board will continue its commitment to the educational priorities of the district, and to making the most of every single dollar invested by residents into their public schools.

With that, we want to thank you again for your support and consideration of the solutions presented.   We look forward to continued conversations on the future of the School District of Belleville and are committed to keeping the community updated with the referendum process as we move forward.


School District of Belleville

Pam Yoder, District Administrator

Angie Edge, School Board President

Elizabeth Lowery, School Board Treasurer

Julie Porto, School Board Vice President

Jill Remy, School Board Member

Kevin Spiegel, School Board Member

Michael Treder, School Board Member

Marian Viney, School Board Clerk


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