Post-Referendum Building Project

The Post-Referendum Building Project is off to a start!  

The first step in the builidng process is to survey land.  The district took proposals from local Surveyors and the school district's land was surveyed.

Next, the Planning & Design Phase, currently underway.  The Design Phase includes but is not limited to: 

  • Touring other schools to see design possibilities and comparing them to Belleville's needs
  • Gathering design information, options and recommendations
  • Matching district needs to a design that will meet Belleville's teaching and learning now and in the future
  • Design decision making


  • School District of Belleville
  • 625 W. Church St.
  • Belleville, WI 53508
  • Phone: 608-835-6120
  • Fax: 608 424-3486