Project Lead the Way (PLTW) continues to be one of the school district’s three initiatives for the 16-17 school year, focusing on project based, hands-on learning for grades K-12.  The district is committed to meeting the needs of the community and believes applying PLTW in the classroom and providing quality PLTW instructors will positively affect the Belleville community.

  • The school district has a number of certified PLTW Trainers.  These teachers and administrators are certified to instruct other teachers on how to implement PLTW in their classrooms.
  • Belleville’s Technology Education teacher is a PLTW Master Teacher.  

School District of Belleville offers three Project Lead the Way programs.  Each program offers different modules that are used  in the classroom.  This school year, the district will implement PLTW Launch for grades K-5, PLTW Gateway for grades 6-8 and PLTW Engineering for grades 9-12.  Additionally, 4K students will be exposed to STEM and inquiry based learning as an introduction to PLTW.   


  • K-5 students learn through exploration and discovery.  
  • Students become hands-on problem solvers and learn to collaborate with their peers through two modules, biomedical and computer science.
  • Students will begin each module with an engaging story, which introduces a challenge and then work together to solve the presented problem.  
  • Through a series of activities students will become confident in trying new things, learn from their mistakes and learn how to apply what they know to find solutions.


  • During the 16-17  school year, all 6-8 grade students will study the Design and Modeling module.
  • These students are given a real world problem.
  • Work together to design and provide a solution.
  • Then present their ideas, while developing team-building and goal setting skills.
    • This school year, 7th and 8th grade students have finished their first project already, a foot orthosis for children with cerebral palsy.  

To roll out additional PLTW Gateway modules, each consecutive year, students will build upon what they’ve learned by studying a new module

  • 2016-17 school year
    • 6th, 7th, 8th grade- Design and Modeling
  • 2017-18 school year
    • 6th grade- Design and Modeling
    • 7th and 8th grade- Automation and Robotics
  • 2018-19 school year
    • 6th grade- Design and Modeling
    • 7th grade- Automation and Robotics
    • 8th grade- Computer Science


  • 9-12 grade students are offered three PLTW Engineering courses the 16-17 school year:
    • Introduction to Engineering Design, can take for high school and college credit
      • Students use team building and problem solving skills by using the design and development process.  
      • Solutions created are analyzed and communicated using 3D solid modeling software.
      • Math and Science concepts are taught by practical hands-on applications.
    • Principles of Engineering/Applied Physics
      • Students have the opportunity to investigate engineering and high tech career POE
    • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
      • Students use 3D computer software to solve design problems.  
      • Explore manufacturing history, individual processes, systems and careers.
      • In addition to technical concepts, the course incorporates finance, ethic and engineering design.
      • Key concepts in this course are: Computer Numeric Control (CNC) equipment, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Robotics and flexible manufacturing systems.

Additional PLTW courses will be offered in years following, including Engineering Design and Development and Introduction to Computer Sciences


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