Key Messages

School District of Belleville Consolidated Two-School Buildings Plan

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  • There is a Real Need.
    • Major repairs must be addressed at the current Elementary and Intermediate Schools. 
    • To do nothing is not an option.
    • The District Educational and Facilities Planning Committee has developed a comprehensive plan to address the urgent building needs such as plumbing, roofing, electrical, heating, and ventilation; and increase long-term efficiency.
    • To address these needs, the recommendation is to consolidate two school buildings; and upgrade classrooms and other learning spaces to better support teaching and learning
  • The Timing and Price are Right.
    • Interest rates are near the lowest in recorded history.
    • Recent projections show taxes for the school district could drop by 7% this December.
    • However, the District is proposing to hold school taxes and use the 7% to cover facility improvements.
    • The total project cost could be addressed with only a minor individual property tax increase.
  • The Solution benefits our students and their learning environment; addresses long-range district facility needs; and reflects the priorities of the Community.
    • Quality public schools make our community strong and strengthen property values for taxpayers. 
    • Improved educational opportunities for all students will result from the District’s recommended facility improvements.
    • Invest in our students and Belleville.

The Process Used to Evaluate These Needs and Create a Solution:

The School Board worked to bring the community together in an inclusive and transparent manner to prioritize the District's needs and determine how to address them. The process began in the 2006, when a formal professional assessment was completed on all District buildings. In 2012, a study committee was created to explore the needs of the District. In 2015, the Board created the Ad-Hoc Educational and Facilities Planning Committee that was open to all community members and was comprised of nearly 50 participants. Selected members of the committee presented the group’s final report to the School Board on June 29, 2016.

The Solution:

Based on the work of the committees and the solution presented by the Ad-Hoc Educational and Facilities Planning Committee, the Board of Education voted in August 2016, to place a referendum question for a $20,750,000 project on the November ballot. The proposal that will be placed on the November ballot prioritizes our students’ need for a quality education while also protecting taxpayers. The solution proposes closing the Elementary School, renovating the Intermediate School for Pre K-6th grades, making minor renovations for a secure entrance at the High School and site improvements for improved traffic flow. The Board feels strongly that this referendum project, Belleville’s first in twenty years, meets the needs of our students, now and in the future, and also respects Belleville’s taxpayers.




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