Educational and Facilities Planning

In an effort to continue building community engagement in finding a sustainable solution to address the district’s numerous facility needs, the Belleville School Board is seeking community members to join the Educational and Facilities Planning Advisory Committee. 

Over the past year,  in Phase I, the board convened a facility study group of Belleville residents who considered various facility needs and issues in school buildings. Phase II work will be reviewing the district’s needs and considering possible solutions.

To assist the district in this process, the board has partnered with Bray Architects and Findorff Construction to help provide cost information and possible solutions.

In addition to providing transparency and creating opportunities for community members to guide this important process, the board is committed to balancing the needs of current and future students with its responsibilities to taxpayers.

Committee Charge

The Board of Education of the School District of Belleville authorizes the creation of an Ad-hoc Educational and Facilities Planning Committee (Committee) to be charged with the task of seeking solutions to our district’s facility needs. The Committee is charged to review all pertinent information regarding our facilities based upon the outcomes of a soon to be completed assessment of all of our facilities. The Board desires the following matters to be considered by the Committee in making a recommendation to the Board of Education for future action:

  • Proposed facility options/renovation/upgrades should support learning environments that are safe and accessible.
  • Options should include purposeful spaces to inspire innovative learning, accommodate evolving technology and promote collaboration among students, staff and community.
  • Options should be cost-effective for the taxpayer, energy efficient and adaptable for future use by the students, staff and community.
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