Robin Hood

My report is on Robin Hood. I asked myself four questions about him, and then used those questions to know what I had to research about him. I liked to learn about him, because he was a very adventurous person in his time. I still don’t know if he is a real person, or just a past time legend. In his stories he was always brave and true to his friends, and the poor people. The four questions I asked myself are, who is Robin Hood, where and when was he born, how did he die, and why has he been remembered for centuries? These are the questions I asked myself, and the questions I tried to answer. A lot of my report is based on the stories people have heard about him, but they still have good information on him. I hope you enjoy my report on the famous Robin Hood.

The first question I asked myself was who is Robin Hood? Like most people know, he is a legendary outlaw of England that stole from the rich, and gave to the poor. He didn’t have much trouble with some authority. He had trouble with the authority that was unjust to the people of the country. His major enemies were the rich members of the clergy, and the Sheriff of Nottingham. "Some scholars have suggested that he was a supporter of Simon de Montfort" (Bunson, 1995). Robin Hood was known to represent nature and freedom, and was called a forest figure. A lot of people considered him their hero. "He would have needed the help of the people to survive as a traveler" ( That is all I have for the question, who is Robin Hood.

The second question I asked myself was where and when was he born? There are many different dates and towns that I found at different sources. I have tried to include every one, but because there are so many of them, I left some of them out. Some of the dates I found are far apart and some are close together. I don’t have enough information, or facts, about the birth of Robin Hood to make a good guess as to when he was born, or where he was born. One manuscript I found said he was born in the year 1160, while another manuscript said he was born some where in between 1285 and 1295. One man said he thought Robin Hood was born in the year 1225. Now I will tell you the places where some people and books say where he was born. Many ballads say he was born in Locksly town, Nottinghamshire. In a manuscript it says that he might have been born in Lockesley, Nottinghashire. The only problem with that is that that town is not on record. Some people think that he could be the son of William Fitzooth. William held land in Loxey and a few people say that would explain where he was born. That’s it for that question.

The next question I asked myself was how did Robin Hood die? There are a few different stories telling how he died, and they all say that someone murdered him. I think they are all stories, but I’ll tell you about them anyway. The first story I read was about him and his cousin, the Prioress. She bled him to death because she was afraid that he would learn that she was having an affair. Close to the end of his life Little John was at his side. Robin shot his last arrow out the window and told Little John to bury him where it landed. The other story has a monk that was brought to help Robin, but instead he murdered him. "The monk was Roger of Doncaster (according to the Sloane MS), who wanted revenge on Robin ‘for some injury’" ( The Prioress told people to bury him in an unmarked grave near the Three Nuns Inn. At the end of Robin’s life in this story, he shot two arrows out a window. The first one landed in River Calder, and it was carried away. The second one landed by the house, in the grass.

The last question I asked myself was why has he been remembered for so long? I came up with the research to answer this question pretty much on my own. I read a lot of information and figured it out. He has been remembered for so long because he was himself and he helped the poor and the women. He was always brave and he loved what he did. I appreciate the way he helped all of the poor people, and punished the rich for being unjust to the poor. He did the right thing trying to help the people that were treated unfairly. In the movie I thought he was brave to make that plan to save his friends that were going to be hung. I think he has been remembered for centuries because he was good to the people that were wrongly treated. We should always remember those kinds of people.

Thank you for reading my report and I hope you enjoyed it. I liked doing this report because it was very interesting to study someone that I don’t even know if they’re real or not. Thanks, and have a great day!